Paint Passion

formerly known as Classic Wall Finishes


Chalk Paint(R)-Wax Tips


What is Chalk Paint®?

Chalk Paint® is a English decorative paint created by Annie Sloan.

What makes Chalk Paint® so special?

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint® is special for many reasons! One of our favorite Chalk Paint® facts is that no stripping, priming, or sanding is necessary before beginning your painting project. Chalk Paint® will easily adhere to poly and vanish, so no need to worry!

Another great feature of Chalk Paint® is not exclusively for furniture. Try it out on metal, brick, leather, even fabric! This high-quality paint is the perfect match for nearly all surfaces!

Painting with Chalk Paint® is easy, fun, and very rewarding! Do-It-Yourself Chalk Paint® projects are not only huge money-savers, 
We always feel great after completing our Chalk Paint® projects because the finishes are durable and beautiful. 

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