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TIPS with Chalk Paint®

When I first get a can of Chalk Paint® I turn it upside (make sure the lid is on tight) for about an hour so all the settled ingredients can float down.  After an hour I go ahead and shake--shake the can, stir if needed and I'm ready to paint.

I tend to pour my Chalk Paint® into a separate Tupperware® or similar resealable container, and dip my brush into that.  Also, I have a water mister nearby so if the Chalk Paint® thickens up a bit while painting, I can go ahead and spritz a little water, stir with my brush, and continue painting.  Unless I'm doing a wash technique or the thicker impasto technique, I like my Chalk Paint® the consistency of milk.

BLEED THROUGH--It usually happens on an old piece from the 1930's-1940's. What will happen is after you paint on your first coat (doesn't matter what type of paint you use) you will see a pinkish haze (bleedthough) or on some oak pieces the bleedthough can be a tannish color.  If you experience this, stop painting and go ahead and apply a coat of Zinsser® Bullseye Clear Shellac.  You can take a paper towel and just wipe it on. Let dry for 1/2 hour and then start painting again.  

Note: Don't think you can go ahead and paint on many coats of paint-the bleedthrough haze will still come through multiple layers.  (This is not a common occurrence, but I want my customers to know what to do if it does happen.)

Love our new Medium Ultimate Buffing Brush. Made with horsehair so it is gentle on waxed finishes and will buff up your pieces easily and give such a nice shine. 

Create beautiful hand painted furniture with Chalk Paint® decorative paint created by Annie Sloan.

This patent pending Chalk Paint® was created in England and now available in the United States.  No need to strip or sand, you just paint it directly on furniture, walls and floors. 

We currently carry all 31 Chalk Paint® colors that are available in the United States. We highly recommend you purchase the Hand Painted Color Chart so you can see these actual Chalk Paint® colors in person.

If you have any questions regarding application or suggested colors for your pieces please feel free to email Patty at

Chalk Paint®Applications:
    •    BEST paint on the market for painting furniture
    •    Paint can be use on any surface- literally!
    •    Use on walls for a soft matte effect or wax it for a polished plaster effect
    •    Can even be used to paint floors and seal with Annie Sloan Floor Lacquer.
    •    Paint can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces and furnishings


    •    Use one color or layer on colors
    •    Distress and apply waxes to create an old world patina
    •    Can be used as a wash- dilute with water so when you apply paint it shows the wood grain
    •    You can use it as an impasto       (thickly),  just leave the lid off to thicken. We teach this in our workshop.
    •    The colors are very pure, very little black is used in creating the colors, except in Graphite, so the colors can be mixed in any combination

Ease of Use:

    •    No need to prime, sand or strip
    •    The colors are mixed intelligently and Annie Sloan's web site shows how you can adapt your colors for your use
    •    Paint is flexible so you can be creative and change your mind
    •    Paint can be washed off your brush weeks later
    •    If paint does form a skin on it when you leave the lid off just stir it back in.  Just add some water if it's too thick
    •    Paint has extremely low VOCs so it will not hurt the environment

I highly recommend to all my customers Annie's book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations.  It is the "go to" book for learning not only the basics, but some of the more advanced techniques  of painting with Chalk Paint® and Annie Sloan Waxes on furniture and more.  This book can hold you over until you decide to take the next step of attending a Chalk Paint® Workshop.  It is at the workshop where you learn hands on Chalk Paint® and Annie Sloan Soft Wax techniques and the tricks of the trade.

We hope you will consider taking an Chalk Paint® Workshop learning Annie Sloan signature finishes with us sometime.  If you can't make it to our New Jersey location you can check out to see which stockist nearest you is conducting a workshop.

In Annie's Book Quick and Easy Paint Transformations  you will learn 50 step by step projects. Annie's Creating the French Look contains 25 projects and is a great inspirational book.
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