Frequently Asked Questions


How do you paint with Jolie Paint?

Shake can for 30-40 seconds and then stir well. Pour into a separate container to paint out of.  Clean dirt and dust off piece with a gentle cleaner then rinse.  Begin painting your first coat and let dry about an hour before applying second coat.  Apply Jolie Finishing Wax after 2-3 hours.

How do you apply Jolie Finishing Wax?

Jolie Finishing Wax is a non-toxic furniture/decor wax that is made with beeswax and carnauba wax. Jolie Finishing Wax in Clear will not yellow white paints.  Almost all polyurethanes will yellow whites over time. This wax is brushed onto the surface, massaged in with a Better Than Cheesecloth Towel, then excess wax is wiped away.  Wait 8 or more hours before applying second coat.  Apply second coat in same manner than wait 1-2 hours before buffing to get more of a sheen.  Always apply a coat of clear wax prior to applying brown or black Jolie Finishing Wax. 

How do you apply Chalk Paint Wax?

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint Wax is brushed on, massaged in then wiped off. I recommend running the tip of your finger over the surface to check for streaks.  Then wipe more with clean part of the towel.  Wait at least overnight prior to applying second coat of Chalk Paint Wax.  Always apply clear wax first prior to applying the dark or black Chalk Paint Waxes. Allow 3 weeks to cure.

How much does a quart of Jolie Paint cover?

Jolie Paint will cover about 150 square feet.  I always recommend applying two coats of paint for a beautiful finish. Some of the white may require more coats.  Jolie Sample Jars cover about 15-18 square feet. 

Is Jolie Paint safe for children's furniture?

Yes it is.  We do recommend that you use Jolie Finishing Wax, which is non-toxic, to seal and protect the furniture.  Wait 2 weeks for Jolie Finishing Wax to cure prior to putting the pieces into use.

How many colors and can you customize Jolie Paint?

Jolie Paint comes in 42 beautiful colors and yes you can mix them to make a multitude of colors.  We have color swatch books, decks and sample boards in our shop.  The new Custom Color Deck is available for purchase when has custom mixes for over 300 colors.  Email Patty at if you have a particular color your would like to replicate.